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My name is Andrew Fowler. I used to be the editor-in-chief for New Haven Times. My grandson has helped me create this page to commemorate all the beautiful work done by the team of our newspaper. Techically, it was not mine, but it has become a part of my daily life. It is very sad that it was closed in 2012. But I guess that every element of modern progress brings with it not only positive but also the negative. But enough with my rant, here is the story of our newspaper:


New Haven Times was the community newspaper of New Haven, Connecticut. The paper began publication  on November 2nd, 1902. Its initial circulation was 1200. It was published by George and Helen Curson, and edited by Sophia Margason. It was known for liberal views. It was one of the first East Coast newspapers to support the African-American  Civil Rights Movement.


During the years of McCarthyism, it was one of the few newspapers to openly criticize government's suppression of open journalism. For this reason, some of its journalists were blacklisted. The newspaper's owner refused to fire them, however. This caused a significant push from United States Senate to close the newspaper. Luckily, this push came not long before a highly publicized Army–McCarthy hearings of 1954 and following the death of Senator Lester Hunt of Wyoming. After these events, the popularity of senator Joseph McCarthy fell. Soon the Senate voted to censure Senator McCarthy by a vote of 67 to 22. Thanks to these developments, New Haven Times was able to continue its existence till 2012.  

A Few Words For My Former Colleagues

I admire all the work you have done for our newspaper. You will always be in my old heart.

If you are one of them, send me a message below. Otherwise, don't bother me.  Oh, before I forgot, I have to thank my grandson for helping me create this page. Thank you, Andy!

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